Plitvice Miric Inn

Bed & Breakfast
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Natalia Z
97 month ago
If it's just you, the dinner for €20 is a bit too much. You'll end up leaving half the plate full, cause the portion is huge. If you're eating with another person, or with your family, then it's deal!
110 month ago
Super friendly and flexible staff, nice local food. We really enjoyed being here. They also go to great lengths about caring. I recommend them to everyone.
Julia K
121 month ago
Nice local food :D nice live music :D
Plitvice M
132 month ago
If coming here by bus, tell the bus driver to stop at Mukinje station which is 5 min walk from this guesthouse. Otherwise, the bus stops at Entrance 2 whivh is 2 km walk on the speed highway.
  • Jezerce 18/1, 53231 Plitvice Lakes, Kroatien, GPS: 44.867855,15.636187